Strapless Nike Mercurial Gloves Sold for $20 - Have They Taken Off AT ALL?

Tuesday, 16 April 2019
A few days ago, the excellent @the_mad_cleater account on Instagram shared a very interesting image. It shows two pairs of Nike's high-end Mercurial Touch goalkeeper gloves, which have a RRP of $150, being sold at an outlet for a measly $20. It's not strange to see heavy discounts at such places, but a near 90% discount is pretty unique to say the least.

The strapless gloves, the first of their kind from Nike, have generated controversy ever since they debuted last year. And this new picture seems to prove what everybody had been suspecting: they aren't selling well in the slightest.

Besides the incredibly steep price point, the main issue people had with the Mercurial Touch gloves early was the fact that they had durability issues. Back in June 2018, a picture shared by Alberto Ruiz showed one of the gloves that seemingly tore apart very easily and probably damaged its dubious reputation beyond repair. Another big problem is that Nike's signed goalkeeper aren't wearing the strapless gloves but instead all opted for more conservative options from the Nike Goalkeeping lineup, such as Vapor Grip or Premier SGT.

Revolutionary 'Strapless' Nike Mercurial Touch Goalkeeper Gloves Fall Apart

Even after all that, Nike are not ready to give up on the concept just yet. The new, second generation of the Mercurial Touch goalkeeper gloves will be launched this summer, and Nike will be hoping that they will have more of an actual impact this time.

Next-Gen Strapless Nike Mercurial Touch 2.0 2019-20 Goalkeeper Gloves

Do you think there's any chance for the Nike Mercurial Touch strapless gloves to gain a more prominent spot on the market? Comment below.
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