Awesome Baseball & Basketball-Inspired Kappa SSC Napoli Summer 2019 Collection Released

Kappa some days ago released a special new apparel collection for Italian club SSC Napoli. The new Kappa SSC Napoli SS 19 collection is designed for the summer, inspired by American baseball and American football jerseys.

The photo shooting for the collection of the Neapolitan club took place in Ischia, the island of youth as they call it for its thermal springs is the image of summer for those who live in Naples and for all the Italian Style lovers.

Kappa SSC Napoli SS 19 Collection

The Kappa SSC Napoli SS 19 Collection includes two baseball-inspired Napoli jerseys / caps, three basketball-inspired shirts and shorts as well as a few other items. All those are designed for the summer, sun and the warm weather in general.

Baseball - Jerseys

Baseball - Caps

Basketball - Jerseys

Basketball - Shorts

Other Items

All items of the new SSC Napoli Kappa collection are available in the club's online store. Prices for the main items begin from 30 Euro for the shorts and go up to 60 Euro for the baseball jersey.

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