Introducing Footy Headlines Club - Ad-Free Experience, Exclusive Content & More

We are pleased to announce something we've been wanting to put out there for some time. Today we are introducing Footy Headlines Club, our all-new membership option which allows you to support your favorite football site in an innovative way.

Starting at just $15 / year ($1.25 / month), but also available as a monthly subscription ($2 / month), becoming a Footy Headlines member will get you a host of benefits.

Footy Headlines Club - Benefits

  • Ad-free experience: Enjoy Footy Headlines without any ads at all times on all your devices.
  • Access Members-Only Feed : Get exclusive access to bonus leaks and releases
  • Make it Your Own Tailor your Footy Headlines experience to your own preferences by adjusting the content mix
  • Design Templates: Exclusive Photoshop shirt and boot concept templates
  • Exclusive Offers At Retailers: 15% off at Classic Football Shirts + more coming soon

Ad-Free Experience

You will have a completely ad-free experience on the Footy Headlines website across all devices.

Bonus Content - Footy Headlines Members Feed

Exclusive extra content that is only shared to you and has not been featured on the regular website yet (Bonus leaks, releases, products, trivia, boot spotting)

Exclusive Offers At Retailers

Get exclusive offers at affiliated retailers and participate in members-only giveaways.

15% off everything at Classic Football Shirts

Custom Footy Headlines

Make it your own: tailor your Footy Headlines experience according to your preferences and by selecting your own mix of content.

Exclusive Shirt & Boot Templates

For the start, we have two fully editable templates ready for your: Nike's new 19-20 shirt template and the recently released Nemeziz 19+. All details and colors can be edited as you wish.

More templates are set to be added over time.

Early Access

Get exclusive early access to new features / projects we're working on.

To become a member, all you have to do is subscribe on Gumroad.