Limited-Edition Puma CodeBreaker Pack Boots Released

Thursday, 2 May 2019
Puma today launched a brand-new special football boot collection. Dubbed the Puma 'CodeBreaker Pack', the new Puma soccer cleats collection follows the scheme of the Puma 'Hacked Pack'. It will be not worn by Puma's best players on the pitch.

The reason for the new Puma pack to be called 'CodeBreaker' is pretty simple. The graphical design on the white boots features hidden coordinates to San Siro’s location. The coordinates are the key to breaking the code, which will make you the lucky winner of a unique AC Milan experience. There is a unique QR code on every shoebox which you have to scan to be able to win.

Puma Future & One CodeBreaker Pack Boots

The new Puma Future & One CodeBreaker Pack Boots feature a new digital rain graphic on a clean white upper. The color combo of the Puma Future 'CodeBreaker' is officially called ' White / Puma Silver / Gray Violet', while the one of the Puma One 'CodeBreaker' boots is White / Charcoal Grey.

Tech-wise, both the Puma Future 19.1 'CodeBreaker' and Puma One 19.1 'CodeBreaker' cleats are the same as all regular releases of the two silos.

Puma Future 19.1 'CodeBreaker' - White / Puma Silver / Gray Violet

Puma One 19.1 'CodeBreaker' - White / Charcoal Grey

A limited-edition release, 1,400 pairs of the Puma Future 19.1 & One 19.1 'CodeBreaker' cleats are available from today for 250 Euro. We expect them to not sell out very fast, however. There are no lower-tier versions of the cleats.

Do you like the special-edition Puma CodeBreaker soccer cleats? Let us know in the comments below.
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