Huddersfield Unveil New Logo

Following relegation to the Championship, Huddersfield have today announced an updated club logo to be used from the 2019-20 season.

The Huddersfield 2019 logo replaces the previous one, which debuted in the 2009, and the retro-inspired 'Terrier', which was featured on the 2018-19 kits.

Huddersfield Town 19-20 Logo

Check out the new vs the old Huddersfield badge below.

Five key changes have been made to the Huddersfield logo going into next season:
  • The Thrice Champions stars placed centrally
  • Added '1908' to commemorate club's formation
  • Focus on one Yorkshire White Rose
  • An update of the Terrier
  • Change to the shield

The 'shielded' version of the new logo will be used on the Huddersfield 19-20 kits, which will be made by Umbro - mainly due to the ease of application. The logo without the shield will also be used by the club, however.

Chairman Dean Hoyle, who initiated the process to update the badge, commented: “We completely understand that the Huddersfield Town crest is important to our supporters, but it’s key to state that this is an evolution - not a revolution."

Huddersfield Logo History

To learn even more about the new Huddersfield logo, check out the write-up on the official website here.

Do you like the new Huddersfield Town logo? Would you have preferred to see the simple Terrier used on the kits again? Drop us a line below.