Thai Brand PAN Copied Adidas Predator Mania 2002 World Cup Boots

You might have never heard of the brand, but footballers from Thailand surely know them - PAN. The Bangkok-based company is known for their affordable sports shoes in Thailand - now a classic boots of the brand made the waves in the internet after PAN asked followers if they should bring back them with a remake. The PAN Patriot - the boot is quite obviously inspired by the famous Adidas Predator Mania 2002.

PAN is a Thai sports brand for Soccer, Futsal, Running, Indoor shoes, Sneakers, Sandal and Sport Accessories. Their boots are available in Online systems and in leading department stores called "Sports Town".

Classic PAN Patriot Football Boots - Closer Look

Dubbed the PAN Patriot, the Adidas Predator Mania-inspired soccer cleats are not a new boot from the brand but have been already launched some years ago.

The PAN Patriot have a lot in common with the iconic Adidas Predator Mania 2002 soccer boots such as tongue and the upper elements. In contrast to Adidas' boots, they are known for being not from very high-quality, even though we have not get our hands on them yet.

PAN released not only one but different generations of the PAN Patriot soccer boots - there has been no new generation since many years now, however.

PAN currently offers a few different boot silos - All of them are available for affordable prices from as low as 25 Euro.

It is unlikely that PAN will really re-release the PAN Patriot football boot.

What do you think of the PAN Patriot football boots? Would you like Patriot to bring them back? Share your thoughts in the comments below.