Pure Class: Kappa Angers SCO 2019 Centenary Kit Revealed

Celebrating the club's Centenary, Kappa and Angers SCO launched a spectacular uniform, which will be worn for their centenary game next Wednesday.

Angers 2019-2020 Centenary Jersey

This is the new Angers Centenary jersey.

The new Angers SCO 2019 Centenary shirt is as classy as it gets. Bringing back a classic look, Angers SCO's new 2019 Centenary shirt is white with a tonal Kappa logo on the right chest.

A retro version of the Angers crest, consisting of the initials SCO, sits on the left chest of Angers SCO's new Centenary football shirt in black.

The shorts and socks of the Angers SCO 2019-2020 Centenary uniform are white.

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