Bochum 19-20 Away & Third Kits Released

Following up the release of the new home all the way back in May, the new Bochum away and third kits were released today.

Nike VfL Bochum 19-20 Home Kit Released

Bochum 19-20 Away Jersey

This is the VfL Bochum 19-20 away shirt, made by Nike.

A custom colorway based on the Vaporknit template, the new Bochum 2019-20 away jersey is navy blue with the sleeves featuring a lighter shade of the color.

The logos on the front of the new Bochum 19-20 away shirt are white.

Navy shorts and socks round off the look of the new Bochum 19-20 away kit by Nike.

VfL Bochum 2019-20 Third Jersey

This is the new Nike Bochum third jersey for 19-20.

VfL Bochum's new 19-20 third football shirt is taken directly from the catalog. It's the Team Trophy III template in 'university red'.

The shorts and socks of the VfL Bochum 2019-20 third kit are red.

The Nike Bochum 2019-2020 away and third shirts are already available to buy, retailing at €70.

What do you make of the new Bochum 2019-2020 away and third jerseys? Drop us a line below.