Kappa Genoa 19-20 Home Kit Released

Genoa's new home kit was launched, with Kappa making its return to the club to replace Errea.

Kappa Genoa 19-20 Home Kit

This is the new Kappa Genoa home jersey for 2019-2020.

Genoa's 2019-2020 home football shirt introduces a modern design that stays faithful to Genoa's symbolic red and blue halves. It's based on the latest iteration of the Kappa Kombat Gara template and features a modern aesthetic.

Genoa's tag 'Il club più antico d'italia' (Italy's oldest club) is printed on the upper back of Genoa's 2019-20 home football shirt, right below the collar. Also worth noting, the logo of sponsor Zentiva appears on the right, only touching the red half of the Genoa 19-20 home jersey.

It was not announced when Genoa's 2019-20 home jersey would be available to buy.

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