Lorient 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from the Ligue 2 as the new Kappa Lorient 2019-2020 home, away and third kits were revealed yesterday.

FC Lorient Kappa 19-20 Home Jersey

This is the Lorient 2019-2020 home jersey.

A traditional design that stays true to the club's roots, the new Lorient 2019-20 home shirt is orange with a checkerboard print on the front, like the one found on the very first Lorient jersey in 1926.

White is used for accents on Lorient's new home shirt, such as the front part of the collar, the logos on the front and a stripe on each side.

The shorts of the FC Lorient 2019-2020 home uniform are black.

Lorient 19-20 Away Shirt

This is the new Kappa FC Lorient away jersey for 2019-2020.

FC Lorient's new 2019-20 away football shirt draws inspiration from the city of Lorient's strong ties to sailing.

It's predominantly white with a subtle graphic design that's based on the look of sailboat masts.

The shorts of the Lorient 2019-20 away strip are white.

Kappa Lorient 2019-20 Third Kit

This is the new Kappa FC Lorient third jersey for 2019-20.

Completing the set is the FC Lorient 19-20 third jersey, which is blue, inspired by the color of the ocean. There's a wave graphic at the bottom of Lorient's new 2019-20 third football shirt.

The shorts of the Lorient 2019-20 third strip are blue.

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