1990s Are Back - Amazing Nike 19-20 Champions League Pre-Match / Training Jerseys Revealed

Update: The first of Nike's 2019-2020 pre-match uniforms have been officially released. We are also able to show new high-res pictures of the FC Barcelona, PSG & Atletico Madrid 2019-20 pre-match uniforms, giving a perfect look at all the details.

Some days ago, we gave you an overview about all Nike 2019-2020 pre-match uniforms. But Nike will not only release regular pre-match jerseys - the Swoosh will also launch special 1990s-inspired international (Champions League) pre-match shirts, together with their third kits.

Nike 2019-2020 Champions League Pre-Match Jerseys

The Nike Champions League 19-20 pre-match pre-match jerseys jerseys boast striking looks with the classic Nike Sportswear logo. They all feature the same design but different colors that make them unique.

We have no images of the new Barca 19-20 Champions League / international pre-match jerseys yet.

FC Barcelona - No Leak Yet

Inter Milan

Atlético Madrid

AS Roma



Paris Saint-Germain

Tottenham Hotspur

Nike will release the new CL 19-20 pre-match for all clubs that will receive 'Nike Sportswear' third jerseys for 2019-2020 - the pre-match will be launched on the same date, sometimes in late August 2019 / early September 2019.

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