Stunning Sampdoria 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released

Together with the club's new home shirt, Sampdoria also presented a striking goalkeeper shirt. It is made by Joma and will be worn in the 2019-20 Serie A season.

Joma Sampdoria 2019-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Check out Joma's Sampdoria 19-20 goalkeeper jersey below.

Mainly bright green, the Sampdoria 2019-2020 goalkeeper shirt features an intricate graphic design at the top. The sleeves are solid green. The graphic lines design consists of stripes of varying widths and colours seemingly overlapping to create a stunning look.

To top it off, Sampdoria's new 19-20 goalkeeper jersey features Sampdoria's traditional chest band at the very top, next to the simple crew-neck collar on each side.

Available since July 17, the Sampdoria 2019-20 goalkeeper shirt retails at €75.

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