Watford Makes Changes To New Club Logo Selection Process

In June 2019, English Premier League club Watford FC announced that it invites fans to help redesigning the club's crest.

Now the club Watford has changed the way the club will select a new crest, after submissions were closed last week.

Watford FC Received Over 4,000 Entries For New Logo

Originally, it was intended that supporters that, after all designs have been collected, supporters were going to vote on six different options, including the five best fan designs and the current crest, after a panel of 20 fans had chosen their favorites. However, after receiving more than 4,000 entries, the club has decided on a new method of selection.

The panel of supporters will now narrow the 4,000 down into a top 50, which a larger panel of around 900 fans will then trim down to a top 20.

From there, every Watford supporter registered on the club's database will be asked to select the winning design.

The winning design will be put to a vote against the current design, with the winner becoming next season's crest.

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