Adidas X506+ Boots Leaked - F50 Tunit 2019 Remake

Update: Official pictures of the Adidas F50 Tunit remake boots have been leaked. The official name is Adidas X 506+ and we expect them to be launched in September.

Update: New pictures and details of the Adidas F50 Tunit 2019 remake boots were shared by Pejie. The Adidas F50 2019 re-issue are 'lighter than the original boots', according to the boot collector. Earlier this month, Gunt 22 created an excellent illustration of the boot.

In shocking news, Adidas announced that they will stop the Adidas Glitch. Now it seems like Adidas will re-release the original interchangeable football boot, the Adidas F50.6 Tunit 2006 cleats as remake in late 2019 or 2020.

Adidas Cancels Adidas Glitch Football Boots

Launched in 2006 ahead of the Adidas home World Cup in Germany, the Adidas F50.6 Tunit soccer cleat was Adidas' really fully interchangeable football boot. The Adidas F50.6 was defined by the all-new, revolutionary Tunit system that consisted of a upper, sole, chassis and studs that were completely modular and interchangeable. The Adidas F50 was headlined by players such as Lukas Podolski.

OG boot

Adidas F50.6+ Tunit Remake Boots

This is the 2019 Adidas F50 Tunit remake cleat.

Adidas has chosen the most famous, launch colorway of the Adidas F50.6 Tunit. The boots are predominantly blur with bright yellow logos and white applications. It is a boot that is well-remembered by everyone who played soccer at that time - it was certainly the most hyped soccer cleat back then.

The 2019-2020 remake of the Adidas F50.6 Tunit 2006 boots seems to be very similar, an almost direct remake of the original boot released in 2006. The original Adidas F50.6 Tunit features a lightweight design with a synthetic upper.

It is not known yet if the 2019-2020 Adidas F50 remake Tunit boots will have interchangeable parts. The upper, sole, chassis and studs of the OG boot were completely modular and interchangeable.

The sole plate appears to be very similar / identical to the plate of the current Adidas X 19 football boots.

Adidas F50.6 Tunit Remake - Features

  • Synthetic upper
  • Removable fold-over tongue
  • Adidas X 19 Sole Plate
  • Limited to ???
  • Price: Around 300 USD
  • Release date: September 2019

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