Bold Asics Ultrezza AI Iniesta Signature Boots Revealed

Earlier this month, Asics launched the latest signature football boot model for Iniesta, dubbed the 'Ultrezza AI'. Introduced in a bold 'safety yellow / black' colorway, the cleats were worn by Andrés Iniesta in the most recent games.

Shortly after joining Vissel Kobe in Japan, Iniesta left his long-term partner Nike to sign with Asics, which also supplies his team's shirts.

Asics Ultrezza AI - Safety Yellow / Black

This is the all-new Asics Ultrezza AI Nike signature boot.

The Asics Ultrezza AI boots feature a bold look. Predominantly 'safety yellow', the rear boasts an orange graphic, while the lateral Asics brandings are black. A custom AI Iniesta logo sits on the outside heel in silver.

Ultrezza is neologism that combines the two Spanish words 'ultimo', which stands for extreme and 'destreza', which means skill.

In terms of tech, the Asics Ultrezza AI soccer boots use the brand's X-Guidance pattern that allows the forefoot to flex diagonally. The studs in the back of the plate are bladed, while those in the front are conical.

As for the upper, Asics uses leather for the forefoot part, while the rear is made of a stretchable mesh material.

Asics, of course best known for its running shoes, added a bit of running tech to the Ultrezza football boot. The heel is 5mm higher in order to create a slightly forward-leaning posture automatically and allow the player to be more quick of the mark.

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Andrés Iniesta said “The most important features in the cleats are comfort during wear, to feel as if it’s an extension of and part of one’s body, and also ease of handling in any kind of movement, whether pushing off in order to receive a pass or making a quick turn. ASICS has created a wonderful cleats that meets those objectives. The shoe fits the foot properly and is comfortable. I will strive to improve my performance even more on the field with this feel.”

The Asics Ultrezza AI cleats are already out in Japan, retailing at 21,600 Yen, which comes out at about 180 Euros. They are expected to be available across Europe and the US soon.

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