Insane - Many Replica Kits Are ~20 GBP More Expensive Than 'Identical' Training Jerseys

Update: Stoke City is also selling a training jersey that is almost identical to the actual kit. The training top retails at £30, while the kit coasts £48. The main differences are that one is a bespoke training template while the other has a few more unique details.

Stoke City Training vs Kit

English League Two club got people talking on Twitter as the pricing and design of their training shirt and official kit is pretty hard to understand, at least for people not into football kits and the busineess behind it.

Spot The Difference: Macclesfield Town's New Shirt And Their New Training Shirt, £25 For One, £45 The Other

Both the Nike Macclesfield Town 19-20 home kit and the 19-20 training shirt are based on standard Nike shirts (teamwear & teamwear training) and look almost identical - however, the official kit has a retail price of 45 GBP, while the training jersey is available for just 25 GBP.

What might be even more remarkable is that these two Nike's jerseys (bought by the club cost) actually cost almost the same. Without logos, the official kit as teamwear costs 23 Euro (Nike Tiempo Premier template), while the official training jersey of Macclesfield costs 20 Euro (Nike Academy 19). A price gap of just 3 Euro.

In fact, it is nothing usual that pre-match / training jerseys feature similar designs as the official kits but are much cheaper. In example, the official Schalke 19-20 home kit and pre-match shirts are pretty equal in terms of design, but the pre-match is 30 Euro cheaper.

What do you think of Macclesfield Town's 2019-2020 training shirt and kit and the different pricing? Do you know other teams whose training / pre-match jerseys offer a much better value for money (or where the price gap is unjustified)? Share your thoughts in the comments below.