Outrageous - Mexican Brand Steals Adidas Predator 19+ Boots

We have come across images from the Liga MX Femenil (Mexican Women's first division) that show off a player (Miriam Castillo - Chivas Femenil) wearing a boot that looks like a special-edition of the Predator 19+ at first glance... However, a second look reveals that it is actually not a product from the Three Stripes....

The boot on the picture is actually called 'Volta', made by Unic Sport México. As the name suggests, Unic Sport is a Mexican brand. They are only active in the Mexican market, and their boots are produced in Mexico as well. Their boots are worn by a few Mexican players and have been spotted in the Liga MX Femenil.

Unic Volta 2019 Football Shoes

This is the Unic Volta 2019 football boot.

The 'all-new' Unic Volta 2019 soccer boot reminds us immediately of the laceless Adidas Predator football boots. They logically do not feature Three Stripes but the Volta logo. The top of the knitted collar comes with the Volto logo, similar to the Adidas Predator Pogba signature boots.

Tech-wise, the Unic Volta soccer shoe look are designed to offer the same benefits as the laceless Adidas Predator 19+. However, even though the Unic Volta has a knitted collar, a laceless upper and a Predator-reminiscent outsole, all parts looks much cheaper - We expect the performance of the boots to be not comparable to Adidas' high-end boot.

Unic Sports has not only copied the Adidas Predator but many other silos from Adidas and Nike.

The Unic Volta football boot has a retail price of 1,500 Mexican Peso, which converts to 75 USD.

Clearly stolen from the Adidas Predator 19+.... What do you think of the laceless Unic Volta 2019 football boots? Let us know in the comments section below.