UPDATE: Top-Tier Next-Gen New Balance Furon 6 Boots Leaked - First Knitted NB Cleats

Update: We've added the first six pictures of the top-tier version of the New Balance Furon v6.

Earlier this year, we gave you the first details on the New Balance Furon 6.0, which will be the brand's first football boot to feature a knitted design.

Today, we can give you a first actual look at the NB Furon VI, which is slated for release in early 2020.

New Balance Furon 6.0

This picture shows a sample of the next-gen NB Furon 6.0 cleat.

Likely the debut colorway, this NB Furon 6.0 is predominantly red with a fading graphic around the sides and front in dark red, which is also the color used for the sole plate.

In terms of tech, the New Balance Furon 6 cleats have a knitted 'Flyweave' upper with a thin synthetic layer added on top for added protection. This is the same as we've come to expect from knitted soccer cleats from brands such as Adidas and Nike.

A very aggressive sole plate config is used, similar to the one found on the Nike Mercurial.


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