Class: Stuttgart 19-20 Third Kit Released

After the players had to wear goalkeeper kits in the last match, the new Stuttgart 19-20 third kit was finally presented yesterday.

The new Stuttgart 2019-20 third strip was designed in collaboration with hip hop group Fanta 4.

Jako Stuttgart 2019-20 Third Kit

This is the Stuttgart 19-20 third shirt, made by Jako.

The Stuttgart 2019-2020 third football shirt introduces a very classy design in black with white logos. Jako's trademark 'dots' can be seen on the sleeves, but a one-off logo takes the spot on the left chest of Stuttgart's new 2019-2020 third jersey.

This logo, combining '89' with '93', is a reference to the main inspiration behind the design of the Stuttgart 19-20 third kit: the year 1989, which saw the founding of Fanta 4, as well as VfB supplier Jako, while the club reached the UEFA Cup final against Napoli. VfB Stuttgart was founded in 1893.

A subtle pattern can be seen on the front of Stuttgart's new third shirt, inspired by the kit worn in the 1989 UEFA Cup final.

Black shorts and white socks round off the look of the new Stuttgart 2019-2020 third kit by Jako.

The Jako Stuttgart 2019-20 third jersey is available to buy since August 7th, retailing at €80.

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