Better Than Last Year's EURO 2016 Copy? Awesome 2020 Argentina-Colombia Copa America Concept Logo

In 2020, just one year after the 2019 edition, there will be again a Copa América. CONMEBOL, South America's football ruling body who runs the tournament, has not yet revealed a new logo. Graphic designer camaleon8788 has taken this chance to design a great concept logo for the 2020 Copa América.

Copy Of EURO 2016 Logo? Copa America 2019 Logo Revealed

The official 2019 Copa América logo was not only a bit inspired by the Euro 2016 design, quite insanely.

Starting from the 2020 Copa America, the tournament will switch to be held every four years in even-numbered years,. The next edition will take place in 2024.

2020 Copa America Concept Logo By camaleon8788

For the first time since 1983, the Copa América will take place in two countries - Argentina and Colombia. The 2020 Copa America concept logo by camaleon8788 is inspired by the two hosts - it features Argentina's and Colombia's famous colors as well as the iconic symbols of each country.

The trophy is put in the center, while the lettering "Copa América 2020 - Argentina - Colombia" is placed below it.

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