Bold Adidas 19-20 Icon Retro Prototype vs Classic Final Kit - Which Do You Prefer?

Thursday, 5 September 2019
On Monday, Adidas released their Icon Retro jerseys for their biggest clubs. It confirmed the latest leaked images - however, in January 2019, jerseys with a remarkable difference got leaked Those were prototypes. We compare them with the final design.

Adidas Arsenal, Bayern, Madrid, Man Utd, Juventus & Flamengo 19-20 Icon Retro Long-Sleeve Jerseys Released

Adidas 19-20 Icon Retro Jersey - Prototype vs Final Kit

The difference between the prototype and the final design is easy to see. The prototype of the Arsenal Icon Retro jersey boasts big Three Stripes on the front, whereas the final design comes without them.

Apart from the Three Stripes that were removed, the prototype is the same as the final jersey.

Interestingly, other items of the Adidas 19-20 Icon Retro collection feature the big Three Stripes. This is a quite clear indicator that the Three Stripes decided against them in quite last minute.

An Adidas Bayern Munich prototype of the Icon Retro jersey also got leaked. It has the same difference as the Arsenal one.

The Adidas 19-20 Icon Retro Jerseys retail at a price of 55 GBP.

Which version do you prefer? Do you like the final design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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