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Here Is Why Jordan Sancho's Socks Featured Strange 'White Circles' Against FC Barcelona

While scrolling on our possibly favorite website for boot spots (Getty Images), we saw a picture of Jordan Sancho that looked quite strange at first glance - his socks seem to feature 'white circles' on the back. We took a closer look, revealing that Sancho is the latest to follow a recent trend in world soccer...

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Jordan Sancho Cuts One Hole In Each Sock

A closer look show off that Sancho did not paint his socks white on the back but that he cut off a hole in each pair of his BVB socks, revealing his own custom white compression socks. Why?

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The reason why Sancho cut one hole in each sock is simple - he wants to avoid pressure on his calves. It did not look as odd as known from Kyle Walker, whose socks were virtually perforated in some matches.

Quite logically, Jordan Sancho did also cut off the socks on the bottom to be able wear his custom socks, something that is common in football since a few years.

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Have you seen more players who cut holes in their socks recently? Comment below.