Special Jordan Chamions League Kit Coming In 2020: Here Is Why PSG Is Not Wearing The Red Jordan Kit In Champions League As First Choice

If you watched this week's UEFA Champions League clash between European giants Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, you might have wondered about the kits....

PSG did not wear their home kit or their red Jordan 'away' kit but their brand-new white Nike third kit against Real Madrid, who had to opt for their navy / gold away kit instead of their famous all-white home uniform.

The reason why PSG did wear their third kit is pretty simple. PSG has registered its 'Nike Futura' third kit as 'First Choice' in the Champions League, so they will (likely) wear it whenever possible in the group stage. The home kit is the 'Second Choice', while the red Jordan jersey is only the 'Third Choice'. This stands in stark contrast to last season, when the club had only Jordan kits in the Champions League (white, black & red (goalkeeper).

PSG To Release Black Jordan 'Fourth' Kit For Champions League Knock-Out Stage

However, we think that there are two reasons for PSG to not wear the red Jordan kit. First, Nike heavily promotes the third kits as 'Champions League' kits. Second, PSG is set to release a black Jordan 'Fourth' kit in very late 2019 / early 2020.

It's been reported that the black Jordan PSG 19-20 fourth kit will be used as home Champions League option from the knock-out rounds.

In example, away against Real Madrid, PSG will to be able to wear their white kit. They will either wear their home (likely) or the red Jordan jersey (unlikely).

How PSG Will Use Their Four Kits In 2019-2020

All four kits will be used in the continental competitions. For the group stage, we'll mainly see the navy home and the white third kit, while the black fourth kit will replace the home for the knock-outs. The red Jordan-made away kit will be in use throughout the whole season, while we think that PSG will try to wear only Jordan kits in the knock-out stage, so the red Jordan kit becomes the second option.

Did you expect that PSG would not wear their Jordan kit in the Champions League as first option in the second 'Jordan season'? What do you think of PSG wearing their third kit at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.