Red Bull Bragantino 2020 Concept Logo + Home, Away & Third Concept Kits Unveiled

Concept designer Bruno Thomaz has imagined a further bond between Brazilian football club Bragantino and owner Red Bull, while also creating stunning unique Red Bull Bragantino 2020 concept home, away & third jerseys to go along with the fresh logo appearance. Check out his full work here.

Red Bull Bragantino 2020 Concept Logo

This image shows Red Bull Bragantino's 2020 concept logo, made by Bruno Thomaz.

Tying Red Bull and Bragantino further together, Bruno Thomaz proposed new Red Bull Bragantino 2020 logo reveals the connection inevitably with the current one only having references to Bragantino, which also makes the club an exception within Red Bull's portfolio.

Design-wise, Red Bull Bragantino's 2020 concept logo keeps the club's traditional colours black and white to be combined with two red bulls as well as the writing 'Red Bull' atop. Additionally, Bruno Thomaz also does away with the club's original shield to now feature a more streamlined shield that fits in with Red Bull's other clubs.

Bragantino Nike 2020 Concept Home, Away and Third Shirts

Check out Nike's Bragantino 2020-2021 concept home, away and third football shirts below.

Mainly white, the Nike Bragantino 2020 concept home shirt combines this base with black accents such as the sleeve cuffs as well as the front part of the V-neck, while the body features subtle gray horizontal pinstripes creating a hoops effect of sorts from afar. Otherwise, Red Bull's sponsor logo, while Nike's swoosh sits opposite of the proposed new club logo.

Based on the same base template, the Bragantino 2020-2021 away football shirt reverts the general colour scheme to be mainly black with white accents such as the sleeve cuffs and front part of the V-neck. Additionally, there is a monochrome version of the sponsor logo as well as a white swoosh, which again sits opposite of the club's new concept logo in its standard variation.

However, a graphic print of overlapping lines covers the entire body to create an astonishingly clean look.

Definitely the most experimental out of the bunch, Bragantino's 2020-2021 third football shirt combines a pink base with the same accents, this time appearing in black. The body features an intricate diagonal graphic print as well as another monochrome rendition of the club's proposed new logo.

Red Bull Bragantino 2020 Goalkeeper Home & Away Kits + Training Shirt

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