Cheap PlayerMaker Alternative? All-New Adidas GMR Tracking Insoles Leaked | Linked to FIFA Mobile

Today we have an exclusive look at a pair of tracking insoles Adidas have lined up for release in the coming weeks.

Dubbed the Adidas GMR insoles, they will allow players to track their touch, control, speed and kicks. All of this is powered by a Google Jacquard chip, which can be placed inside a slot at the bottom of the insole.

The Adidas GMR app, which will be available on Android and iOS, will power the device. Trough the app, real-life performance will be linked with FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team - "the more you play in real life, the better your FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team becomes."

In addition, a digital code for a Paulo Dybala FIFA Mobile card is included.

In case you missed it, we recently covered PlayerMaker, a product used by pro teams to track similar stats - the new Adidas GMR insoles offer a much more easily attainable alternative, although it will have to be seen how well the tracking will work.

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