Introducing Football Kit Archive, A New Website About Classic Kits By Footy Headlines

Today we announce Football Kit Archive, a new platform for everyone interested in football kits and the evolution of jerseys in its history.

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Football Kit Archive is a website dedicated to the history and evolution of football kits. The aim of Football Kit Archive is to showcase how the designs and details of soccer jerseys have changed over the past, with a clear focus on the recent history and high-quality images that show off the details of the kits - We think that the football kit design game really really started in the 1980s when brands put more focus on the designs.

We think that a website about classic jerseys like Football Kit Archive does not have to look like a vintage website - it therefore has a modern look and feel that can be used instinctively and also works seamlessly on all devices, ranging from the big screen to mobile devices.

Our goal for Football Kit Archive is be the definitive website for everyone interested in the evolution of football kit designs worldwide since the 1980s, when the design game really started. Of course, we also want to add more teams, older kits and leagues in the future. We have some other ideas in our mind for the website as well.

Football Kit Archive - Features

  • Classic Kits, Modern Experience: All components are designed for a fast and detailed overview
  • High-quality Images: High-res images that give a great look at the design details of the jerseys
  • Usability: Quick and modern on all devices for a perfect experience
  • News Latest football kit release news from Footy Headlines
  • Open & Free For Everyone: Football Kit Archive is logically 100% free without any restrictions

Check out Football Kit Archive Now

Stay tuned for more info and information of how you can contribute to Football Kit Archive in the near future.

You can follow Football Kit Archive On Twitter (@footballkitarch), Facebook and Instagram (@footballkitarchive).

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