LEAKED: Adidas Pogba Season 7 2020 Boots to Introduce Stylish Look - First Based On Next-Gen Predator 20

We can today bring you the first details on Adidas Pogba's first 2020, which are set to introduce a stylish look.

In case you missed it, Adidas launched the Season 6 Predator PP boots in November 2019. They were not worn by the Frenchman yet as he is currently injured.

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Adidas Paul Pogba Predator 20+ – Black / White/ Gold Metallic

The Adidas Paul Pogba 2020-2021 boots will combine the main color black with white and gold applications. None of these colors is brand-new for a Pogba boot - it is just the first time of the "black / white / gold" color combo.

Nothing more specific design of the Adidas Paul Pogba Predator 20+ FG cleats is known yet.

Tech-wise, the Adidas Pogba Season 7 2020 football boots will be based on the next-generation Adidas Predator 20+, which drops in January 2020.

All-New Next-Gen Adidas Predator 20+ 2020 Debut Boots 'Leaked'

The Adidas Predator 20+ Paul Pogba football boots will be launched in February 2020 for around 300 USD.

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