All-New Adidas Graphic 20 Template Released - 18 Different Graphics

While the brand-new Adidas template for 2020, mainly Condivo 20 and Regista 20, are not yet available to buy, the brand has made them available through its miadidas customization service.

Besides the aforementioned two, there's a very interesting third new option up on miadidas: Graphic 20. The Adidas Graphic 20 template offers a plethora of design possibilities, with no less than 18 different graphic prints to choose from.

Adidas Graphic 20 Template

This picture shows the Adidas Graphic 20 template with the 'Tiger' graphic.

The Adidas Graphic 20 template boasts a simple overall construction with a thin crew-neck collar and the 3 Stripes are placed on the shoulders. It's all about the graphics with this one.

18 different graphics are available to choose from: Stripes 1-4, Hoops 1-3, Half Half 1-2, Diagonal, Pin Stripes, Sash, Shutter, Camo, Melange, Tiger, Waves and Triangles.

Some of these have we have seen before: Tiger was used on the Tigres 2019 third kit and Triangles boasts the graphic of the Colombia 2019 kit, for example.

Another outstanding feature of the Graphic 20 template is that it's possible to add graphics on the short as well. Camo, Melange, Tiger, Triangles are the options here.

Available on miadidas right now, the Adidas Graphic 20 jersey retails at €60, while the shorts are €45.

It's likely that we'll see plenty of teams use the template and its different graphics next season.

What do you think about the all-new Adidas Graphic 20 template; what's your favorite from the 18 different graphic options? Let us know in the comments below.