Better Than The Actual New One? 10+ Chicago Fire Logo Concepts by Fans & Designers

The new logo of Major League Soccer side Chicago Fire FC was not well received by their fans at all. Shortly after the first pictures of the crest surfaced, both designers and fans created concepts of how they would have liked the new Chicago Fire FC crest to look like. We take a look at some of the best and most popular Chicago Fire FC concept logos.

Best Of | Chicago Fire FC Logo Concepts

The concept logos created by people both feature completely different designs than the old / new Chicago Fire logo, while some are just quick (color) edits of the new crest.

However, while we don't like some of the new concepts, we have to admit that many fit the Fires better, at least at first glance...








Do you prefer on of these Chicago Fire crests over the one unveiled by the club? Which is your favorite? Comment below.