Germany EURO 2020 Goalkeeper Home Kit Released

Germany's new EURO 2020 goalkeeper shirt was already released a few months ago. It is made by Adidas.

Adidas Germany EURO 2020 Goalkeeper Shirt

Check out Adidas' DFB 2020 goalkeeper shirt below.

The new Germany EURO 2020 goalkeeper jersey introduces a striking design in red and black. All logos of DFB's new EURO 2020 goalkeeper football shirt are monochromatic black.

On the side of Germany's new 2020 goalkeeper football shirt is a unique black graphic pattern. In fact, the same graphic pattern can be seen on various Adidas 2020 jerseys, includinf the Adidas Condivo 20 template.

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The shorts and socks of the Germany EURO 2020 goalkeeper kit are red.

Available since mid-November, the Germany 2020 goalkeeper shirt retails at 90 Euro.

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