Full Nike 2020 'Future Lab" Boots Pack Revealed | Includes Next-Gen Phantom VSN + Coordinates Of Ronaldo Pitch Nike HQ

Nike opens the new year with a stunning collection of football boots. All of the boots feature a pinkish red (Laser Crimson) base - official name is Nike Future Lab pack. The Nike "Future Lab" soccer cleats collection will be worn by all of Nike's best athletes.

Nike Future Lab Pack

The Nike Future Lab pack brings us the next-generation of the Nike Phantom VSN, the Nike Phantom VSN 2 Elite. All boots of the collection feature the same color scheme - they combine a red (Laser Crimson) main color with black and white applications.

Another streamlined feature of the boots is that they feature the coordinates of Nike's Headquarters. In fact, the coordinates of the boot exactly mark the penalty box of the Ronaldo Field - 45°30'34.0"N 122°49'49.0"W.

Future Lab Nike Mercurial 360 'Laser Crimson'

Stunning Red Nike Mercurial Superfly VII 2020 Boots Leaked

Future Lab Nike Tiempo Legend 8 'Laser Crimson'

Laser Crimson Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Elite 2020 Boots Leaked

Future Lab Nike Phantom Venom 'Laser Crimson'

Stunning Red / Black Nike Phantom Venom 2020 Boots Leaked

Future Lab Next-Gen Nike Phantom Vision 'Laser Crimson'

Next-Gen Nike Phantom Vision II Elite 2020 Debut Boots Leaked

The first Nike 2020 boots pack, the Future Lab soccer cleats collection, was released on January 16 2020.

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