Same Reason As Man Utd In 95-96 Season?! French Club Angers Bans Grey Kappa 19-20 Away Kit For Old Kit - Here Is Why

In May 2019, French Ligue 1 side Angers SCO launched its new jerseys for the 2019-2020 season. One traditional white and black home jersey as well a grey away kit. However, in all recent away fixtures, Angers did not wear their grey away kit but their old 2018-19 white / gold jersey. Let us find out what the possible reasons are. Thanks to Footpack for the spot.

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Angers Ditches Grey Away Kit After 0-6 Loss Away Against Lyon

Angers wore their old white 18-19 kit in all away matches where needed since a 6-0 loss.

The reason for Angers for not wearing their grey away kit by Kappa is not because it is not liked by fans. Instead, everything indicates that they do not wear it anymore because of two reasons - first, they lost 6-0 away against Lyon on August 16 wearing the kit - their worst defeat of the season. So, first it is their unlucky kit.

The second reason is possibly that just like Sir Alex Fergusson, they found out that the color grey is bad for a football kit. The legendary Manchester United manager hated Manchester United's gray jersey used by the club in the 1995-1996 season as it makes it hard for players to distinguish their teammates from the crowd.

"He hated that kit but there is a science behind it. Sir Alex had employed a professor on sight, a vision specialist," Neville said some years ago about the grey Man Utd 95-96 kit. She (teh vision specialist) brought in a lot of eye and alertness exercises and said to Sir Alex to imagine a crowd behind you, there are colours you can see more than others. It is the reason people wear bright yellow on a motorway. She believed when you saw these grey kits that the players won't pick each other up at a distance."

Since that 0-6 loss, SCO Angers leaders have decided to replace the grey away jersey with the white / gold shirt of last season. Against Lille, Toulouse, PSG and Montpellier, Angers' players were wearing the white and gold jersey launched for the 2018-2019 season, despite they could obviously use the gray jersey that would have been perfectly suited for these matches.

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