Stunning New Balance 25-Years Anniversary Boots Released

Thursday, 14 November 2019
US soccer gear retailer celebrates its 25th-year anniversary this year. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SOCCER.COM website, New Balance revealed a special edition Tekela v2 honoring the occasion.

“We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating our site’s 25th-year anniversary with a boot design of such quality,” SOCCER.COM Co-Founder Brendan Moylan says. “When New Balance approached us with the idea, we were blown away. This is the perfect boot to mark the celebration.”

Special Edition New Balance SOCCER.COM 25th Tekela v2 Soccer Cleats

The Special Edition New Balance SOCCER.COM 25th Tekela v2 football boot commemorates "a bold and forward-thinking move that came 10 years after the company was founded as Eurosport when the SOCCER.COM domain name was secured on Nov. 14, 1994 as one of the first of its kind."

In essence, working closely with our founders and long-time employees, they’ve created a cleat that captures the company culture, ethos and everything that makes our story unique.

“I think what they did here was take something that on its own is spectacular, but they added small details that personalize it in a way that makes it very meaningful,” SOCCER.COM Co-Founder Mike Moylan says.

The Colorway

The details start with the striking red colorway present throughout the upper. It’s pulled from the SOCCER.COM brand colors that are shared with New Balance. The color silver is a nod to the traditional 25th anniversary gift of silver. They make the cleat pop and give it a true limited edition, collectable feel.

The Logo and Soleplate

That connection goes further on the locked-up logo on the insole, which features the 25 in our heritage striped font alongside New Balance branding. It’s really about celebrating a partnership here that’s part and parcel of the SOCCER.COM way of business, always about relationships and finding mutual benefit.

Since the beginning, SOCCER.COM has been focused on three things — to inform, innovate and inspire.

You’ll see the words “innovate” and “inspire” on the soleplates as a representation of those values guiding the company at every step and present at New Balance, too.

The Laces

The details and discoveries continue as you get closer to the footwear. As a nod to their parents, who fostered a teenage dream of starting a soccer business, the Moylans’ parents’ initials are found on either aglet (lace tip).

“There’s obviously some metaphoric stuff that you could probably go into that would feel very poetic,” Mike says. “My parents pulled everything together and thus, the whole shoe tightening gives both security and all the other aspects.”

The New Balance SOCCER.COM 25th anniversary cleat will be available for sale on Monday, Nov. 18th in limited numbers exclusively from, logically.

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