Not Selling Out At All: Insane Adidas 'Predator Archive' 2020 Boots Released

Update: Despite being limited to just 2,000 pairs globally, the Adidas 'Predator Archive' 2020 football boots are still available to buy everywhere in virtually all sizes. This is first because the boots were not really well received but second and more importantly because of the heavy price tag of 350 Euro.

Adidas has launched a one-of-a-kind football boot called the 'Predator Archive' to celebrate the imminent release of the next generation of the Predator. Only 2,000 pairs of the boots were produced and will go on sale.

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As per Adidas' official announcement, Adidas asked collectors @thepredcollective and @thepredatorpro to run surveys about which classic Predator boots should make the cut for this 'best-of'.

Adidas Predator Archive Football Boot - Core Black / Cloud White / Red

This picture shows the insane Adidas Predator Archive 2020 soccer cleat.

The Adidas Predator Archive boots introduce a Frankenstein look by combining bits and pieces of lots of different Adidas boots. The stripe design on the outside of the right shoe is based on the 2006 Predator Absolute, while the 3-D texture on the inside derives from the Predator 20+.

The left shoe on the other hand features the 3-Stripe design of the Predator X (2009).

The combination of many different styles and colors creates a bold and spectacular look that will certainly divide opinions among the Adidas football boot fanbase.

Adidas Predator Archive - Features

  • Lace closure
  • Leather upper
  • Stretchy adidas Primeknit collar
  • Limited-collection football boots
  • SL rubber strike zone
  • Innovative Fusionskin leather treatment
  • Colorway: Core Black / Cloud White / Red
  • Price: €350 (£300)
  • Limited to 2,000 pairs
  • Release date: 7 January 2020

The classics-inspired Adidas Predator Archive 2020 boots were released on Adidas on January 7, while they will be hitting other stores on January 14 - exactly one week before the launch of the next-gen Predator. They retail at €350 (£300).

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