All-New Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Logo + 2020 Home & Away Kits Released

Update: Almost three months after revealing their new club badge and the 2020 home kit, J1 League club Shimizu S-Pulse now released their 2020 away kit. It features a bespoke design, just as the home.

Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse this week presented the rebranding of its visual identity that will become effective from the beginning of next year while also showcasing the new home shirt for 2020.

Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Logo

S-Pulse strated to work on this project since last year by conducting interviews with fans, their own soccer players and their business partners among others. The majority highlighted the importance of the orange that clearly identified the respondents, so that both in the emblem and in its motto it was decided to give greater prominence to that color.

The version they have been using for 25 years had, according to the rebranding staff, clear legibility problems and errors in their elements that had to be adjusted in addition to having only a very low percentage of orange (25%).

Therefore it was decided to dispense with white (only present in the letters) and black to bet on the characteristic color and blue that is present in the vertical bars, its edges and the historical map where your city is positioned and which is commonly used in the designs of their shirts.

Its silhouette is more stylized and flat and the central upper part was improved so that it has a greater resemblance to the famous Mount Fuji that had been the original idea.

Puma Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Home Jersey

Check out Puma's Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 home jersey below.

The Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 home shirt boasts the trademark colors and design of the club. It is orange with navy and white applications.

The front boasts the trademark globe motif, even though it is less visible than on previous jerseys.Thew new logo sits on the left chest.

The new S-Pulse 2020-2021 home jersey was released on December 10.

Puma Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Away Shirt

This is Puma's Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 away uniform.

The Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 away shirt introduces a unique design in different shades of grey. It has a motif based on Miho's Matsubara, a scenic spot on the Miho Peninsula in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, which is registered as one of the constituent heritages of the World Cultural Heritage "Mt.Fuji-Objects of Religion and Source of Art" Pine leaves are applied as a camouflage pattern design.

Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Keeper Away Shirt

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