Next-Gen Predator Missing: Classy "Blackout" Adidas Shadowbeast 2020 Boots Pack Released

Three quarters of Adidas' understated new 'Shadowbeast' pack have been launched this morning, confirming our previous leaks.

The next-gen Adidas Predator 20 will debut on January 21st and we expect that 'Shadowbeast' edition to be revealed around that time.

Just like previous Adidas 'blackout' packs, the Shadow Beast collection will not be worn on-pitch by the brands biggest players like Messi, Özil and Salah.

Adidas Shadowbeast Pack

This picture shows the Adidas Copa, Nemeziz and X Shadowbeast boots.

Adidas Copa 20 'Shadowbeast'

Adidas Nemeziz 19 'Shadowbeast'

Adidas X 19 'Shadowbeast'

Adidas Predator 20 'Shadowbeast'

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