2 Scrapped Prototypes: Bold Adidas Juventus 2021 Pre-Match Jersey Released

The Juventus 2021 pre-match top has been released. The top is available as shorts-sleeve and long-sleeve "warm version" (Men's only).

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There are at least three different prototype versions of the Adidas 2021 pre-match jersey. An old design featured golden logos and a slightly different graphic design.

Adidas Juventus 2021 Pre-Match Top - Black / Pink / Gold

This is the Juventus 20-21 pre-match warm top.

The new Adidas Juventus FC 2021 pre-match top boasts a bold design in black, pink and gold - it's black and pink with a paintbrush all-over texture.

2nd Prototype

2nd Prototype

The Adidas and Juventus logos are monochromatic white.

Prototype vs Final Version

Long Sleeve Winter Version

The Adidas Juventus 2021 pre-match Top was launched in November.

Disgusting or amazing? What do you think of the unique Adidas Juventus FC 2021 pre-match top? Let us know in the comments section below.