Hammarby 2020 Home & 2 Away Kits Released

More than six months after the home kit, Hammarby's new 2020 alternative jerseys were released. They are made by local supplier Craft.

"For Hammarby, this (the deal with Craft) has meant both a financially advantageous agreement and the representation act for both women and men having clothes specially developed based on their needs and wishes," says Patrik Blomquist, Marketing Manager at Hammarby Fotboll".

Craft Hammarby 2020-2021 Home Kit

Check out Craft's Hammarby 2020 home shirt below.

The Craft Hammarby Fotboll 2020 home football shirt features the classic white and green color combo of the Hammarby's new 2020 home jersey. It is a bespoke design for the club by local company Craft, in contast to previous shirts by suppliers like Nike and Puma.

Hammarby Fotboll's 2020 home football shirt comes with the latest technologies of shirt supplier Craft.

The Hammarby 2020-2021 home shirt was released on December 3.

Craft Hammarby 2020 Away Kit - Black / Yellow

The first Hammarby 2020-2021 away kit features a black / yellow stripes design. Only the front of the Hammarby IF 2020 away kit comes with stripes - the back is solid black.

Hammarby 2020 Away Kit - White

The alternative Hammarby IF 2020 away kit has a very simple design in white and green. Yellow details can be seen inside the collar.

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