Leaked New Balance Liverpool 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits - To be Never Released Due to Nike Deal

Update: Football short collector @KitHunters got his hands on two New Balance Liverpool prototype kits - one shows a prototype of the LFC 2018-19 home kit (comes with reverse of colors on the collar), while the yellow shirt is a prototype of the never-released Liverpool New Balance 20-21 away kit.

Liverpool 2018-19 Home Kit Prototype

Liverpool 2020-21 Away Kit Prototype

Porto 20-21 Home Kit Features Same Collar As Liverpool 20-21 Prototype New Balance Kit

Update: Adding much credibility to the leaked pictures of the LFC 20-21 New Balance kits, the new Porto 20-21 NB home kit as well as the away and third kits feature same collar as the leaked Liverpool 20-21 home kit. Thanks to @WhenImElmo2 for the heads-up.

FC Porto 20-21 Home Kit Released

New Balance Liverpool 2020-2021 Home Shirt vs Porto 20-21 Kits

Update: Kyle has shared more pictures of the rare NB Liverpool 20-21 shirts.

All three feature unique messages on the insides behind the crests. The message of the third, which would have been primarily used internationally, reads "Allez allez allez - We've conquered all of Europe, we're never gonna stop."

Update: We've linked up with the original source for the unreleased New Balance Liverpool 20-21 kits. Check out even more pictures of the three shirts, as well as previously unseen training and collection items below. Seeing this large number of items also eradicated any doubts about the authenticity of this leak from our side. Big thanks to @KB2X.

Although there isn't an official announcement (yet), it's well-known that Liverpool will get kitted out by Nike next season.

Due to the nature and late confirmation of this supplier switch, it wouldn't surprise any insider if New Balance had already completed the process of designing their version of the 2020-21 jerseys. After all, Nike claimed that their 20-21 designs were already finished during the trial at court.

Nike Liverpool 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Info Leaked

Pictures have surfaced showing what is claimed are the prototype New Balance Liverpool 20-21 home, away and third shirts.

New Balance Liverpool 2020-2021 Home Shirt

This is the Liverpool FC 2020-21 home jersey, made by New Balance.

Liverpool FC's new 2020-2021 home shirt has a dark red melange material and combines it with white for all logos.

It's a very clean design without any fancy graphics and fits right in with the other NB Liverpool home shirts.

Liverpool New Balance 2020-2021 Away Kit

This is the Liverpool FC 20-21 away jersey.

Liverpool's new 2020-2021 away shirt is red with the logos appearing in the dark red of the home.

Almost as clean as the home, Liverpool's new 2020-2021 away football shirt features a subtle gradient towards the bottom.

Liverpool FC 20-21 Third Kit

This is the Liverpool 2020-2021 third shirt.

Out of the three, the new Liverpool 20-21 third shirt is by far the most eye-catching. It's black with lime green logos and a grey and lime green stripe graphic on the left side of the shirt.

Liverpool 20-21 Goalkeeper Kit

The GK shirt would have been black and red.

The pictures of all three shirts were published by @KB2X and, while we haven't been able to prove their authenticity we are also unable to point out any obvious flaws or find a concept creation they might be based on. We've addressed some points below.

The shirts are long-sleeve: although all three shirts (we can say for sure for the home) have long sleeves this does not rule out their authenticity; unlike other brands NB do sell this version of their shirts.

The Paisley signature is missing: Bob Paisley's signature, which is present on the inner neck of this season's jerseys, is missing from the ones pictured. However, this detail was a one-off move to celebrate 100 years since the legendary manager's birth and was therefore never expected to feature again the following campaign.

It's a new template: NB usually creates a new template every year and uses it across all teams. We haven't seen this one before which further adds credibility to this being the actual 20-21 designed shirts.

Do you like the look of these NB Liverpool 2020-2021 kits? Or are you happy to see the club switch to Nike? Let us know in the comments below.