Preview of 20-21 Template? Here's How DIFFERENT Milan 19-20 Home & 120th Anniversary Kits Really Are

Tuesday, 17 December 2019
When the AC Milan 120th anniversary kit was first revealed by the Italian club and technical sponsor Puma, it seemed to be a basic rehash of the regular 2019-20 home kit.

This is far from the truth however, as shown by a series of pictures that were shared with us by our follower @guccix3000, comparing the authentic 19-20 home shirt with the €180 120 years shirt.

Milan 19-20 Home vs 120th Anniversary

There are many differences, even apart from the design elements that were mentioned on this site before, but let's list them one more time for completion. The logos on the anniversary shirt are gold compared to the white on the home shirt. There are more less notable differences, too: The sleeve cuffs are black, there's a subtle writing honoring the club's founder inside the stripes on the bottom left and there's a special logo on the upper back.

It doesn't stop here, though. As put by Gucci, "the material and fit is way different than the normal Milan authentic kit for 2019-20. Any idea why? It’s way better."

The materials used for the shirt itself and the ribbed elements such as the neck and cuffs are way different, even the stitching used at the bottom hem isn't the same.

There's also a notable change in the way that hem is shaped - it's curved towards the side, a bit like on the Adidas shirts, although much less pronounced than there.

All of this might give us an early look at what to expect from Puma's shirts going into the 2020-21 season. It's very unlikely that this cut and material selection was a one-off for the Milan anniversary.

On Pitch: Milan Debut 120th Anniversary Kit

Did you notice these differences as well? Do you think Puma will use this style for next season? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.
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