35 Years Anniversary - 3 Remastered Mizuno Morelia II 2020 Boots Released

Japanese brand Mizuno celebrates the 35-years anniversary of their famous Morelia football boot with a special 35 Years Collection. The new Mizuno Morelia 35 Years Collection includes three remastered versions for the iconic Mizuno Morelia soccer cleat.

The Mizuno Morelia is the by far most famous boot of the Japanese brand. The cleat has been worn by players such as Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo and Kluivert. Now 35 years after the launch of its legendary model, the Japanese brand celebrates "the year of Morelia".

Mizuno Morelia 35 Years Collection - 3 Different Remastered Mizuno Morelia Boots

The 2020 Mizuno Morelia 35 Years Collection brings us three different updated Mizuno Morelia football boot versions.

First, the classic black, white and red Mizuno Morelia football boot has been updated with a more narrow heel area for a better fit. Other updates of the OG boot include "Micro taffeta" that is adapted to the K-leather upper for a more long-lasting fit, a slightly smaller tongue as well as some minor brandings that were added to the sole and laces.

Alongside the classic remastered black, white and red Mizuno Morelia, Mizuno also released two white remastered Mizuno Morelia boots - both come without a tongue (previously only available after order) - the only difference between them is that one also comes with cross stitching.

Of course, the Mizuno Morelia 2020 boots are made in Japan and have the same quality as other Mizuno MIJ (Made in Japan) products.

The Mizuno 35 Years Collection will be available to buy from January 10 2020. It is not know yet if all the different versions will be available in Europe.

What do you think of Mizuno remastering their classic Morelia football boot? Which of the three versions would you get? Share your thoughts in the comments below.