Boca Juniors Kit Letter Peels Off In Adidas Kit Debut - Not Adidas' Fault?

Friday, 17 January 2020
Boca Juniors yesterday debuted their brand-new Adidas kit, the first by the Three Stripes after more than 20 years with Nike. However, while Boca Juniors won their first match with Adidas kits in the 21th century with 2-0, it were the kits and a prblem with it that made the waves on social media.

Letter S Of Boca Juniors Player Soldano Peels Off

The lettering of #27 Boca Juniors player Soldano did not outlive the whole match - the letters S came off his kit, as spotted by fans on TV.

However, it is actually not really Adidas' fault. The club and especially the kit man is responsible for applying the numbers and the letters on the shirt. Nevertheless, Adidas could have also tested it.

With Nike's kits and Nike's custom numbers, this did not happen.

Adidas Boca Juniors 2020 Home & Away Kits Released - No More Nike After 23 Years

What do you think of this unhappy debut? Comment below.
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