Crazy Football Logo Mashup Bot

Wednesday, 15 January 2020
The internet is full of things that are more or less useful. While scrolling social media, we became aware of a Twitter bot that merges the logos of soccer clubs.

Football Logo Mashup Bot Changes Club Logo Colors With Colors Of Other Club

Dubbed the @SoccerMashupBot, the Twitter bot takes the logo of one club and merges it with the logo of another. However, as it is just a bot that takes the SVG graphic files of two logos, and changes the colors from the original logo with the colors of another club. The result are random mash-up logos that sometimes look beautiful, and sometimes merge rival clubs like Schalke 04 in yellow and black, the colors of arch rivals BVB (and Young Boys from Switzerland).

However, some of the logos generated by @SoccerMashupBot do not work. In example, some logos feature white-on-white elements.

What do you think of this? Do you some of the logos featured here? Comment below and follow @SoccerMashupBot for your daily doses of those logos.
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