New Estudiantes Logo Revealed

Argentinian club Estudiantes de La Plata is set to release their new 2020 jerseys in the next few days. Prior to the launch, they announced that they have completed a rebranding project that will see the return of the 'Flag Badge' (Escudo Bandérin) on the kits.

Estudiantes 2020 'Flag' Logo To Be Used On Soccer Clothing

As part of the rebrand, Estudiantes will once again wear the badge with the letter "E" in a short version with a focus on professional football. The club had been wearing the flag badge until 2012, when it was replaced by the crest with stars.

Estudiantes has already launched the new 2020 training and lifestyle of Under Armour at the beginning of the year. The gear features the historic flag with the letter "E" in a summarized version as the main novelty.

"A review and analysis of the club's symbolism was made when rebranding the logo. The main elements of its emblems were maintained, formal design errors were corrected, and its use was standardized."

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"Thus, the shield was established as the main emblem of the institution and the pennant for the exclusive use of football, being able to be used in a complete way or in reduced versions, only the insignia, without the oak leaves, or only the initial with the letter "E"."

The rebranding project has been carried out by the Marketing Department and implemented by Under Armour. VThe club's "rebranding work focused on revising values and redefining the communication strategy."

The work of rebranding the La Plata Student Club began years ago, as part of the work of the marketing area, with a review of the institutional values and redefinition of the club's communication strategy that will allow it to build a solid brand in the coming years.

The new shield will be exclusively used for soccer clothing - the other logo will remain to identify the club.

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