Revolutionary? "Compasstrainer" Learning Football By Bundesliga Ball Maker Derbystar

We came across a relatively new product that is looking eye-catching and interesting - a colorful football that is developed to make (young) footballers better - introducing the Compasstrainer, the latest 'football revolution" according to the developer of it.

The Compasstrainer is a product invented in Germany. It has been developed by Devran Sezek and has been released in cooperation with Derbystar, the official ball supplier of the German Bundesliga since the 2018-2019 season.

Compasstrainer Learning Soccer Ball

The Compasstrainer is made to optimize the interaction between shoe, running track and soccer to make a soccer player's shot-pass technique and ambidexterity more efficient. The Compasstrainer is a colorful Size 4 ball by Derbystar that consists of several stickers that should help young footballers lo learn how to play football better.

How does the compass trainer work?
The idea behind it is simple. Devran Sezek (40), who developed the training device, says: "It is very difficult to explain the technique of shots to children with words, that is why the compass trainer works with colours.

With the help of three different coloured stickers (blue, yellow, pink), which are stuck on the football boots, two coloured caps and a Derbystar learning ball, on which the three colours of the stickers are picked up again, the young footballers can train the shooting techniques. Sezek: "For example I can say 'blue with the left foot.'" The advantage according to Sezek: "The colours make it much easier for the children to learn and they quickly learn to use the shots intuitively. In addition to the shooting and passing technique, ambidexterity is trained.

This has also been recognized by the German Sport University in Cologne. Professor Dr. Daniel Memmert: "Due to the fast and high number of repetitions per training unit, the possibility of implicit learning, the variability in technique and different levels of difficulty, robust learning effects can be expected. Through the play of colours, controlled and motivating learning intervals are possible within the framework of larger technique optimisation units.

Our verdict of the Compasstrainer "device" is, however, rather negative, especially after watching above's video of how it works. It just takes too long for players to put the ball in the right position, and it also does not look good how they are playing with the soccer ball. It just does not look efficient.

The Compasstrainer "device" is available in three different packages - Box Junior - 60 Euro (learning football + 6 sticker packages for 6 training session), "Sport Bild" - 70 Euro (Size 4 Bundesliga ball, learning football +stickers) and Box Team - 200 Euro (5 learning footballs + everything else that is needed).

Unfortunately, the stickers can be used for a single session only, another downside.

What do you think of the Compasstrainer? Is anybody convinced by the concept? Share your thoughts in the comments below.