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Adidas 20-21 UEFA Champions League Ball Released

Updated with pictures of the Winter version of the official "Adidas 20-21 UEFA Champions League Ball". The orange ball is set to be used very rarely - in snowy conditions only.

Just as every year, Adidas released a new ball for the UEFA Champions League. The new Adidas Finale 20 Champions League ball is set to debut in the play-offs for the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage.

Adidas Finale 20-21 Champions League Ball

This picture shows the 20-21 Champions League group stage soccer ball.

The Adidas Finale 20 Champions League ball combines white for the star panels with dark blue, turquoise and orange. The official color combo is White / Team Royal Blue / Signal Coral / Sky Tint.

Interestingly, the color combo of the Adidas Finale 20-21 Champions League Ball is similar to the one of the 'Sky Tint' Adidas Predator 20+ 2020-21 Boots, which also release in late Summer 2020.

Tech-wise, this 20-21 Champions League soccer ball is the same as the one used last season.

The Adidas Champions League Finale 20-21 ball released in September 2020 for a price of €150.

Adidas Football Champions League 2020 Pro Match Ball Winter - Solar Orange/Royal Blue/Black

The Adidas 2020-21 Winter ball is orange, black and blue, set to be used in snowy conditions only.

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