EXCLUSIVE: Only 3 Main Boot Silos From Summer 2020 - Last-Ever Phantom Venom & Vision Boots Released

Update: The last-ever Nike Phantom Venom and Vision football boots have been released by Nike as part of the Neighboorhood pack. This means that the next Nike Phantom release will bring us the all-new Nike Phantom GT, of which the launch edition has been still not leaked.

Last-Ever Nike Phantom VSN & VNM Soccer Cleat Colorways

March 1 2020: EXCLUSIVE: Only 3 Main Boot Silos From Summer 2020 - Nike To Also Discontinue Nike Phantom Vision Boots Silo

In late 2019, we exclusively leaked that Nike will stop the Nike Phantom Venom football boots silo, and that after just one generation. Now we can also reveal that Nike will discontinue the second original Phantom boot, the Nike Phantom VSN.

Nike To Merge Phantom Series Into Phantom GT

Instead of releasing two different Phantom football boots (Venom and Vision), Nike will only release one Phantom boot - the Nike Phantom GT.

The Nike Phantom GT is somehow a merger of the two current Phantom boots - the Nike Phantom GT will feature predator rubber elements and a Total 90-like off-center lacing - both current Venom and Vision players are set to wear them.

This means that there will be only three different main Nike boot silos from Nike from Summer 2020, the begin of the 2020-2021 season - the Mercurial, Tiempo and the Phantom GT.

Nike will also release a revolutionary looking football boot later this year - the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial. We have no information yet if Nike will launch new color updates for that cleat regularly.

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