Finally: Extraordinary Nike South Korea 2020-21 Collection Released - Already Available Worldwide

Update: One week earlier than expected, the Nike South Korea 2020 collection is now available to buy on globally. It should become available at independent retailers on April 8 2020.

Out of nowhere Nike has launched the entire South Korea 2020 collection. And while it's currently only available on, we've been able to confirm it will be available buy everywhere else from next week. In early February 2020, Nike already revealed the quite promising South Korea 2020 home and away kits, which are now finally also available to buy.

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The Nike South Korea 2020 collection boasts the all-new logo of the South Korea Football Association (KFA) that was revealed on 5 February 2020.

Nike South Korea 2020 Collection

Check out some of the key pieces from the collection below.

South Korea 2020 Home & Away Kits

The new South Korea 2020 home kit was officially unveiled just now in New York City alongside the previously unseen and super-bold away kit. The new Nigeria and USA jerseys were also presented.

South Korea 2020 Home & Away Kits Revealed - Bold Designs & All-New Logo

Just as it is the case with Nigeria's 2020 collection, it's safe to say that the South Korea 2020-21 collection is anything but usual. Instead, the collection does not feature usual stuff like pre-match jerseys and jackets but also two baseball inspired jerseys as well as dungarees - yes, you have read correctly.

The designs of the South Korea 2020 collection draw inspiration from the kits with their tiger stripes (away), the new branding and the classic yet modern culture of the country.

South Korea Nike 2020 Pre-Match Jersey & Anthem Jacket

The Nike South Korea 2020 pre-match football shirt boasts a unique and bold look. Similar as the away shirt, the Nike South Korea 2020 pre-match shirt features modern and unique overlapping tiger stripes look.

Amazing Nike South Korea 2020 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

South Korea 2020 Training Kits

South Korea 2020 Lifestyle Collection

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