Adidas X Premier League - What If Adidas Would Supply All Premier League Teams?

Wednesday, 8 April 2020
Can you imagine Adidas sponsoring all Premier League teams, similar as they do in the USA with the MLS? French designer and agency Graphic UNTD has imagined how the Premier League jerseys would look like if Adidas would be the league-wide supplier.

Adidas X Premier League

All the Adidas X Premier League jerseys by Graphic UNTD use the same template, which is based on the same one Adidas uses for many MLS teams this year. The shirts by Graphic UNTD all boast bespoke looks, similar to what Adidas' designers are doing in the MLS.

Notable positive mentions go to the Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham's concepts, while the we hardly imagine Arsenal opting for blue applications, the color of arch rival Chelsea.

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Is there anybody out there who would like Adidas to sponsor all Premier League teams? What do you think of the Adidas x MLS concept kits by Graphic UNTD? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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