Fenerbahçe 20-21 Home & Away Kits Info Leaked

Information about the Fenerbahçe 20-21 home and away uniforms have been leaked.

Fenerbahçe 20-21 Home Shirt

This is the new Adidas Fenerbahce home shirt for 2020-21.

The Adidas Fenerbahçe 2020-21 home shirt is set to feature the traditional color combo and design of the club - yellow and blue stripes. The official color combo of the Adidas Fenerbahçe S.K. 2020-2021 home shirt is "Bright Yellow / Dark Blue".

Fenerbahçe Adidas 2020-21 Away Shirt

This is the new Adidas Fenerbahçe away football shirt for 20-21.

The Adidas Fenerbahçe 20-21 away shirt combines the main color gold with navy applications. The official color combo of the Adidas Fenerbahce 20-21 away jersey is"Raw Gold" / "Tech Indigo".

The jersey that inspired Fenerbahçe's new away jersey is the golden shirt used by Fenerbahçe in its 100th anniversary in 2006-2007.

Fenerbahçe's 20-21 home and away kits release in June 2020 as of now.

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